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Bone Pain: Actually, what are we talking about?

Updated: Nov 30, 2020

If we go to the anatomical, every bone has pain receptors in its outermost layer called Periosteum, as well as in the medullary cavity that is a space inside the long bones. That is why hitting a bone directly hurts so much, (remember the blow against the lamp) as well as fractures and people with osteoarthritis, where the bone is deformed and undergoes wear. The pain of the periosteum is precise and acute, that of the medullary cavity less defined but as it is in the depth of the bone only some special conditions can affect it.

Why are there people who hurt their bones with cold? or when will the weather worsen?

Although the mechanism is not established and there are only theories about it, it is known that changes in atmospheric pressure are the ones that most affect people with osteoarthritis and it is mainly the lowering of atmospheric pressure, which precedes it. time, which would allow (in theory) greater tissue expansion and more inflammation.

So it is not a myth, nor is it about grandparents, it is not known why but it happens.

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