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The best ways to remove muscle pain

Updated: Nov 30, 2020

Apply ice

It reduces the inflammation in the muscles when they are sore. However, for this technique to take effect you must apply it immediately (when the discomfort begins). It's no use putting ice in the area two days later.

• To avoid burning the skin, wrap the cubes in a cloth or plastic bag and keep for 10 to 15 minutes.


We can do them anywhere, whether in the office, at the gym or at home.

A series of stretches of about 10 minutes can be used to reduce the pain by being in the same position for a long time or by a strong exercise routine.

Elongation does not work if the muscle is injured or if we force it too much.

Every morning you just get up and comply with a 5-minute routine that includes arm and leg stretches. This will reduce pain and avoid major contractures. It is also an excellent way to start the day.

Take a shower

If the application of ice does not work because the area is not inflamed, then try the opposite technique.

Take a shower with the hottest water you can stand to relax the muscles.

A good option is the immersion bath with Epsom salts or foam.

On the other hand, steam baths are very effective in relaxing tension and reducing muscle pain. You can do it at home, go to a sauna or to a spa (where you can also do massage decontracting).


Active recovery is very interesting because it prevents a sedentary lifestyle. If your muscles are hurting too much lately because of your static work, then try walking a bit more.

It does not have to be kilometers. You can start with some streets, for example, leaving the car parked a little further away from the office.

While walking you can rotate the shoulders, move the arms and turn the head to the sides to achieve greater relief.


While it is not recommended that you do the massages yourself because it can make the situation worse, sometimes we can not go to a professional masseuse.


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