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5 effective tips to remove shoulder pain (caused by stress)

Updated: Nov 30, 2020

Do you crash your back while working or do you feel like you are carrying a backpack all the time? If the answer is yes, then you are a victim of stress that, in the long term, generates shoulder pain.

In an episode of stress the shoulders rise, tensing the muscles, particularly the tendons where the area of the bone and the back of the skull meet; which causes a generalized pain of the neck, shoulders and back.

1. Do not care about anything!

While inhaling, lift your shoulders towards the ears (you should do it slowly). Now exhale and lower this area without dropping it because you could injure it. Repeat five times.

2. Self-massage

With your left hand squeeze your right shoulder, and tilt your head slightly to the left. With your fingers you see small, soft grips from neck to shoulder. Done 2 times on each side.

3. Extra help

When you return to your home place a little anti-inflammatory cream on the affected area, if you do not like the feeling you can use an herbal pillow or an ice pack or gel that is a little warm or hot. This change in temperature promotes muscle relaxation.

4. Get moving

Aerobic exercise is very effective in eliminating shoulder pain. You can choose between jumping rope, swimming or dancing. Remember, when you stretch, you increase the blood supply in this area of the body.

5. Sleep well

A good night's sleep can help you cope better with agitation one day, thereby preventing pain in men. If you can not sleep, place a few drops of lavender essence on your pillow. It will be helpful!.

The shoulder pain usually appears after experiencing chronic stress, so you should try to keep this emotion in control.

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